2022 tax update

Your tax documents will begin to arrive by mail and via electronic links. The social security 1099’s go out in the mail between Jan. 11 and 19. W2, 1099 and 1095 forms are required to be mailed by January 31 each year. Start to compile your records and find the copy of the 2021 tax return for reference.  If nothing has changed from that return (i.e., same employers and mortgage company, etc.), you have an idea of what documents to expect. If I did your return last year, I have a copy of the work. Either way, please call for your appointment when you receive your last document. You can call sooner if you want to set something up for early mid-February.

If you buy or sell stocks, you need to know how much you paid for the parcel of stocks you sold during 2022. Your brokerage company should have that information on the 1099. If not, you will need to research the purchase cost of the stock.

If you had health insurance from the ACA Marketplace, you would also receive a 1095A form this year, which will report to the IRS and you the kind of health insurance you had last year and the amount of Premium tax credit that you received.

I can file a 2022 return for you no matter who filed it last year. For a limited number of new clients, I can come to your home to prepare the return. I bring my laptop computer, complete the return in one visit and give you a copy of it. You can also visit my office in Somerton (Northeast Philadelphia) for an appointment or we can have a Zoom meeting. I am an e-file provider, so your return will be e filed the same day. Please contact me to schedule. 215 677 8413. You can also just drop off or download your documents into an e-mail. I will prepare those returns within three days of receiving the documents. Please call me before sending any documents.

I do the Federal return along with any state or local returns that are due. I also do the PA property/rent tax rebate form.


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